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The Alba White Truffle Festival Draws Gastronomes from around the World
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Worldwide Celebrities Take Part in the Alba White Truffle Festival

October marks the start of white truffle season in the Langhe, and gastronomes from around the world flock to Alba to take part in the annual White Truffle Festival. Truffles are rare and expensive. The French epicure and gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called them "the diamond of the kitchen". A 1.6-lb. white truffle sold in 2009 for $150,000. Alba is considered to have the best white truffles in the world, but they are less costly in Alba. White truffles sprinkled over pasta is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy the truffle experience.
  What is a truffle? It is the fruiting body of a subterranean mushroom. They are usually found in proximity to tree roots. There are black truffles and white truffles. It is the white truffle, the Alba madonna, which is the most expensive. White truffles have a unique aroma. Truffle hunters use dogs to sniff them out.
  The Alba White Truffle Festival is not limited to the sale of truffles. Wine, cheese, mushroom, onion, garlic, chocolate and other food dealers also participate and offer tastings, and the entire town takes on a festive atmosphere.

Vendors of a Multiplicity of Taste Delights Offer a Gastronomic Phantasmagoria at the Alba White Truffle Festival

White Gold ~ Truffles in Piedmont

Fiera del Tatufo

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