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The Palace of Saint George on the Harbor in Genoa
©Photo by Michael Reed ~ Creative World Travel

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DAY 10

The Coat of Arms of Genoa

Genoa, La Superba, "The Superb", the capital of the Region of Liguria, was once a powerful maritime state. It has been written that not since the ancient Phoenicians has a people been so exclusively maritime as the Genoese. They grew rich from their luxury trade with the East, going so far as to conquer and occupy the coast of Syria, and establish colonies on the Black Sea.
  Genoa owed its prosperity to the Bank of Saint George, which some historians claim invented European banking in the 12th century. The maritime Republic of Genoa rose to become, with its rival Venice, one of the most important powers in the world.
  The Cross of St George, a red cross on a white background, was the original flag of Genoa. It was adopted by England and the City of London in 1190 for their ships entering the Mediterranean to benefit from the protection of the powerful Genoese fleet. The English Monarch paid an annual tribute to the Doge of Genoa for this privilege.

  It was from the Port of Genoa that many Italians emigrants sailed for America.
  At the Old Port, you once again come across the work of star architect Renzo Piano, a native of Genoa, who transformed the wharfs along Genoa’s Porto Antico, into a trendy promenade lined with palms, cafes and restaurants.
  The Acquario di Genova (Aquarium of Genoa) which Renzo Piano designed on the harbor is the largest aquarium in Italy and the second largest in Europe. It was built for the International Exhibition Genoa '92 Colombo '92, which celebrated the 500th anniverary of the Genoese sailor Christopher Columbus's discovery of the New World.
  Renzo Piano also designed the Grande Bigo aerial ride and the Bolla (Sphere), a giant terrarium on a floating platform along the docks.

  It is an adventure simply to explore the narrow, picturesque, medieval streets which snake outward from the port. Visitors who wander the labyrinthine alleys feel like they are back in the Middle Ages. Called carruggi by the Genose, some of these alleyways are so narrow that you can touch opposing buildings with outstretched arms. And like Turin, Genoa is a place where shops look like museums, making you feel like you have stepped back in time.
  Be sure to try the city's specialty, focaccia Genovese or a fügassa in the local dialect, the traditional olive oil flat bread, sprinkled with fresh rosemary and coarse sea salt.

Genoa's Porto Antico (Old Port) with the Grande Bigo Aerial Ride
©Photo by Michael Reed ~ Creative World Travel

Bolla (Sphere) Designed by Genoese Architect Renzo Piano
©Photo by Michael Reed ~ Creative World Travel

Fall Foliage in the Piedmont Vineyards Day-by-Day Itinerary - Page 10

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