Oktoberfest & The Alps

Leisurely Escorted Tour
to Bavaria and Austria

Majestic Mountains, Alpine Lakes, Historic Cities

Hotelier Heidi Pichler (second from right) and Other Villagers of Heiligenblut
in Trachtenmoden, Traditional Dress of the Region

Oktoberfest & The Alps
Day-by-Day Itinerary - Page 3

Today's journey into the Hohe Tauern National Park, the largest nature reserve in Central Europe, will be one of the greatest drives of your life.

  On our way to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, passing through Mittersill, we see high above the town its famous castle, Schloss Mittersill.

  The Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the longest and most splendid alpine highway in Europe, climbs to 8,220 feet and takes you through almost every non-tropical climatic and vegetation zone.
  The road follows the old Roman mountain trail and offers what many feel are the most beautiful and spectacular mountain vistas in all Europe!
  At Fuscher Lake at 2,262 meters above sea level, there is a display with the history of the construction of the road. Nearby is a memorial to those who died during the building of this incredible road. A terrace with a view towards the Grossglockner offers one of the loveliest photographic vantage points.


The village of Heiligenblut (Holy Blood) in the Austrian province of Kärnten (Carinthia) is surrounded by the 68 peaks of the Glockner mountain range.
  Age-old traditions of the region hark back to the ancient Romans and the medieval gold miners. The name Heiligenblut derives from a legend connected to the Roman trail over the Alps. A Byzantine field-marshall died in a snow storm here, as he was on his way across the Alps bearing a relic of Jesus Christ’s holy blood.
  The church tower of Heiligenblut's Wallfahrtskirche St. Vinzenz touches the sky above his grave. The church also holds another treasure: one of the most beautiful gothic altar pieces made by master sculptor Michael Pacher.
  Today is a free day to recuperate from the rigors of traveling and enjoy the splendid mountain scenery and the clean air.
  Stroll along the beautiful River Möll, which flows along a flat pedestrian walkway which leads to several nature walks and the Gössnitz Waterfall.

Young Dancers Perform in Heligenblut's Main Square
Photo by Michael Reed ~ Creative World Travel

Typical Alpine House in Heiligenblut, Austria
Photo by Michael Reed ~ Creative World Travel

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